Transcending the Heart

At the age of fifty-five and a grandmother, Marcia Treadway didn’t seem like the type to pursue a career in ghost hunting. After all, she was a skeptic. Yet, there she was in Bellbrook, Ohio doing just that.

Ghost hunting was known for those who craved the sensation of thrill-seeking—lusting after the adrenaline rush at the onset of being frightened out of one’s wits. That wasn’t for Marcia. But when her instincts as a reporter led her to investigate phenomena that had no earthly explanations, her skepticism turned to fascination. She couldn’t discount other people’s stories after witnessing a few bizarre happenings firsthand.

As Marcia continued her research, she risked everything—her integrity, her virtue, her safety, and her soul. In the process, she made an extraordinary discovery that would help her embrace her sense of connection beyond the physical world.

Both gripping and inspirational, Transcending the Heart: When God Sent Me the Ghosts will captivate anyone who suspects there’s something beyond the universe than what we can see or touch.

Available in paperback and e-book version



Available in paperback and e-book version

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